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Deep Waves Series

Active + Dual Passive Enjoyment

With a high quality matte black enclosure and a front firing active driver, the Deep Waves series ensures an undreamt-of presence in home theatre. Dual side firing passive radiators ensure copious amounts of bass while maintaining control and clarity to a level that will shock you.

New technological improvements also include app control, allowing extensive customisation options for the best low frequency performance!


The Features:

  • A 2.5-inch voice coil with four-layer winding provides a high and extremely precise aligned excursion

  • High-quality MDF cabinet and additional bracing minimize disturbing resonances

  • The iWoofer™ app supports the optimal adjustment of the subwoofer to the room and your own listening preferences

  • Connection options on the rear panel include RCA jacks for the LFE channel and high-level terminals

Now in stock in Australia! First review is live on our Reviews Page

Key Features

Class D DSP Amplifier

With 800 watts dynamic power

Serious Woofers

Newly designed high excursion woofers with double vented baskets and four layer voice coils ensure dynamic performance

Connective Integration

With rear USB for wireless integration, 12v trigger and auto power on, all bases are covered

App Control

The setup app allows a myriad of control options from the convenience of your seat

Low Distortion

The active dual passive design ensures high SPL and low distortion for the best of both worlds

Hand Finished Cabinets

The matte black hand painted cabinets look phenomenal and minimise reflection in cinema use

Available Models

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