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SPL Ultra Series

Ultra High Performance

The SPL Ultra series inherits features from the established and award-winning DD series, which became known as the world's first subwoofer series with automatic room measurement.


Velodyne continues the concept of the DD series in the SPL Ultra. All aspects of the design have been carefully developed and perfected, from the housing with increased rigidity, to the digital amplifier with optimised circuits, to the drivers and the acoustic response.


Unparalleled performance at a new price point, treat yourself to an audition of the SPL Ultra Series.

Powerful bass from a tiny cabinet has never looked so good! Beautiful styling, unmatched performance, low distortion and incredible dynamic output; its just what you'd expect from Velodyne Acoustics, the #1 rated subwoofer company for almost 30 years.

Available in strictly limited numbers, the SPL 12 Ultra subwoofer has a huge 1200 Watts RMS, 2400 Watts Dynamic power amplifier. Its cutting-edge, highly sophisticated, 7-band Auto Room EQ technology assures not just low distortion but the most accurate bass measured to your individual room's response. With Auto-EQ, it’s never been so easy to seamlessly blend your subwoofer’s performance with your system and your room. Simply plug in the included microphone, place it in your favourite chair and press the 'EQ' button on the included remote. It's that simple!

With response right down to 21Hz, you can be assured that your new SPL 12 Ultra will deliver room shaking bass at very low distortion. The SPL Ultra features all the control and adjustability you need, including volume, crossover, phase, listening modes, midnight cinema mode,  You can calibrate the subwoofer’s response automatically or manually with the 8 band parametric equaliser  and more. Featuring a convenient front mounted screen, you can always see what the sub is doing from the convenience of your chair. 

Get ready to be blown away - the SPL 12 Ultra is available for a limited time through your local Velodyne dealer.

Key Features

Class D DSP Amplifier

With a massive 1,200 watts RMS and 2,400 watts dynamic power

Massive Structure

Huge 9.8kg magnet structure for and dual layer 75mm voice coil for dynamic responsiveness

Control Integration

With rear IR input, 12 volt trigger and an included remote control

Auto Equalizer

One Touch Auto Room EQ ensures you get the most out of your sub in any environment

Low Distortion

Less than 5% total harmonic distortion ensures clean bass

Hand Finished Cabinets

Hand polished black lacquer cabinets look exceptional in any room

Available Models

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