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SubContractor Series

Invisible Power

Velodyne’s award-winning SubContractor series in-wall subwoofers are the perfect choice for your home entertainment system. The entire Subcontractor series was designed to fit in a standard 2x4 wall bay - regardless of whether it’s new construction or a retrofit installation.

The SubContractor Subwoofers Series offer 2 subwoofer sizes with separate amplifiers that are meant for in-wall applications.

Imagine a home cinema in the living room ambience, without any technical equipment: No disturbing loudspeakers, well hidden electronic components, retractable screen or large screen and above all no visible cables. So far everything is possible. It becomes difficult, however, if this living and entertainment room is still supposed to offer a cinema-quality sound experience with bloodcurdling low bass, because bass speakers cannot be hidden away easily for many reasons.

"Bass cannot be located anyway!" Perhaps you have heard this claim somewhere before. In fact, there is a kernel of truth in the statement that the human ear has difficulty locating low frequencies. But this is only true for frequencies well below 80 Hz. This also means, however, that the subwoofer should not emit any frequencies above this limit, which most conventional subwoofers are unable to do.

Truly potent subwoofers that can reproduce the lowest frequencies without drifting unintentionally into the frequency spectrum above 80 Hz cannot be made arbitrarily small for physical reasons. The Velodyne SubContractor series now offers you all possibilities to integrate a powerful and clean low bass unobtrusively into your listening room.

Key Features

Easy To Install

Easy install in retro fit or new construction with integrated cabinet. Just cut, plug and play

Just As Powerful

Amazing deep, powerful, low distortion bass that Velodyne is famous for - this is a no compromise solution

Low Profile Design

The low profile design virtually disappears, fitting flush in standard wall construction

Auto Equalizer

Featuring Velodyne's industry leading Auto Room EQ

System Friendly

12v trigger, IR repeater, RS-232 control and Crestron certified

Scalable Systems

With a range of amplifier options, you can scale up your subs to suit your demands

Available Models

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