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MicroVee MKII Series

Small & Mighty

The new MicroVee mk2 is designed for you to get the best experience, music and Home Cinema out of the smallest form factor sub Velodyne Acoustics ever made.



With an updated Velodyne Acoustics exclusive distortion limited Digital Drive Control system algorithm you will get a tighter, more accurate bass reproduction.

DDCS is an active, signal-based system that assures linear cone movement and controls the driver’s frequency and distortion characteristics. DDCS reduces distortion to 1/6th that of competitive subwoofers.

We improved Velodyne Acoustics patented ERS (Energy recovery System) 2000 Watt dynamic power Class D digital amp for extreme output with very low distortion and better detailed bass performance on the complete frequency range. The upgraded Power supply allows better stability, more definition, extended dynamics and well defined bass on the lower end frequencies.

One active 6.5” driver in combination with two 6.5” passive radiators deliver a powerful, musical, floor rumbling bass for which Velodyne is world-famous.

Like all Velodyne Acoustics subwoofers, the MicroVeeTM MKII incorporates anti-clipping circuitry to limit amplifier clipping distortion, and Velodyne’s exclusive “Subwoofer Direct” feature that bypasses the internal crossover to assure optimum performance in any music or home theater system.

Key Features

Active / Passive System

One active 6.5" driver and two 6.5" passive radiators

Aluminium Cabinet

A ribbed extruded aluminum cabinet that dissipates heat built up

Extremely Small

The MicroVee is the tiniest subwoofer Velodyne ever made at 22.9 x 22.9 x 24.4cm HxWxD

Low Distortion

All that power leads to low distortion of less than 1%

Energy Recovery System

Patented Energy Recovery System amplifier with 2000 watts dynamic and 1000 watts RMS power

Your Choice Of Colour

Available in black or white, these can be hidden just about anywhere in your room

Available Models

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