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VI-Q Series

Precise, Powerful Bass Reproduction

The sealed cabinet design of the VI-Q series features everything that makes Velodyne subwoofers standout in a modern way. The three models provide a particularly high quality driver configuration and the app gives users full control with room adjustment, 25 band parametric EQ and preset modes.

This is a multi-talented sub with the latest technology and a suite of connection options including XLR.


The Features:

  • The lightweight carbon fiber cone, in conjunction with the 3-inch voice coil, ensures optimum partial vibration behavior with low distortion values

  • High power with up to 650 W RMS Class-D amplification with 1200 W maximum power; highly efficient switching power supply with 2 x 25 A / 650 V MOSFET transistors

  • Solid front made of a 21-layer plywood board with a material thickness of a full 50 millimeters

  • With its professional XLR connectors, RCA jacks for left and right channel and high-level connectors, the best connectivity is guaranteed

More info and pricing just weeks away!

Key Features

Class D DSP Amplifier

With up to a massive 1,200 watts dynamic power

Driver Structure

The 15" driver is so substantial that a 21 layer plywood was decided on to support its huge structure

High End Connectivity

With RCA / LFE, High Level and XLR inputs as well as auto power, 12v trigger and rear USB power all bases are covered

App Control

App control now comes to the range with sophisticated options for the ultimate in personalisation right from your chair

Power Overwhelming

With up to 120dB of extremely low distortion bass, the VI-Q represents a ground-shift in subwoofer technology

Matte Black Mastery

The high end matte black cabinet finish is sophisticated and anti-reflective, perfect for cinema use

Available Models

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