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Impact Mini Series

Maximum Dynamic Power

The heart of the Impact Series is Velodyne’s Maximum Dynamic Power (MDP) amplifier, engineered to generate greater reserve power for those demanding passages. Our long throw drivers feature two-inch voice coils for greater heat dissipation while our highly efficient, down-firing passive radiator design means incredible bass from a modest receiver.


Make An Impact

Down Firing Passive Radiator Design To Minimise Distortion

Velodyne's Impact Mini Subwoofer features an 8" down firing passive radiator to minimise distortion while maximising output from the tiny cabinet. This maintains musical accuracy and dynamic impact.

Superior Quality Drivers

Velodyne subwoofers outperform the competition largely due to the superior quality drivers. These are precisely matched with our MDP amplifiers to ensure maximum bass output and extensions.

Maximum Dynamic Power (MDP) Amplifiers

Our Impact series boast our proprietary MDP amplifier design for floor-shaking bass. MDP amplifiers, unlike traditional IC amp designs, generate more power reserves to accurately produce the most critical bass information. Velodyne's MDP amps are also engineered with unique protection circuits to ensure long-term reliability.

Compact Size

The Impact Mini is very small and can fit almost anywhere in your room, allowing for greater flexibility. These can often be placed in off the shelf AV cabinets to really be hidden out of sight.

Key Features

MDP Amplifier

Maximum Dynamic Power Amplifier with more dynamic headroom

High Quality Crossover

Adjustable high quality crossover system matches the subwoofer with your speakers 

Passive Radiator Design

Designed for maximum output and minimum distortion from this tiny cabinet

Diminutive Size

Measuring just 28 x 25.4 x 32cm HxWxD, these are very easy to place in your room

50mm Voice Coil

50mm dual wound voice coil long throw driver

Your Choice Of Colour

Available in black or white, these can be hidden just about anywhere in your room

Available Models

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