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Impact X   Series

Full Power Design!

The Impact X series creates a lasting impression with amazing low frequency sound. The music and home theater experience from the smallest possible enclosure benefits enormously from the completely redesigned 10- and 12-inch drivers, which set new standards in this price range.

A highly efficient Class D amplifier, together with core technologies from Velodyne Acoustics, minimize distortion and enable amazing bass performance.



These powerful subwoofers combine efficient front-firing drivers with a down-firing bass reflex port.

Impact: The name says it all. And this all-new design really has the X factor!

Featuring unprecedented technology and performance for the price point, these solidly constructed subwoofers feature 20mm thick MDF cabinets and all new 10 and 12" woofer design. 

With up to 600 Watts peak amplifier power (12" model) and down firing bass reflex port, the performance is sublime. Velodyne's advanced anti-clipping circuitry ensures distortion is kept to a bare minimum for clean bass. 


The technology behind the Impact X is another area where Velodyne again demonstrates they are the market leader. Full function remote control, front screen (with adjustable light level) and integrated DSP presets make this an incredibly capable range. 

The amplifier has been thoughtfully designed and features loop though for those customers wishing to run multiple subwoofers in their room. 

Key Features

MDP Amplifier

Maximum Dynamic Power class D amplifier with up to 600 watts peak dynamic headroom (Impact X 12)

Remote Control

The included full-feature remote control makes setup a breeze from the convenience of your seat

Down Ported Design

Maximum impact is achieved through a down firing port

Front Display Screen

Keep in touch with the settings from the easy to read front display screen

Four Layer Voice Coil

The drivers feature 52mm four layer voice coils with high excursion double vented baskets for maximum performance

Integrated DSP

Four distinct signal processing presets are adjustable via the included remote to get the best setup for your preferences

Available Models

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