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Deep Blue Series

Compact and Powerful

Velodyne is proud to introduces the all-new highly acclaimed Deep Blue (DB) subwoofer series. Developed by an international team of experts in the U.S. and Germany, the subwoofers feature Velodyne Acoustics signature closed cabinet design and are equally recommended for demanding stereo music reproduction as they are for breathtaking home cinema enjoyment.


Sound & Image "2022 Subwoofer Of The Year" Award Winner - Deep Blue 12"


Velodyne presents the newly developed Deep Blue series - Greater dynamics & higher precision.

Depth and Sound pressure: the mighty power of the oceans served as the symbolic model and inspiration for the Deep Blue series subwoofers, abbreviated DB. To achieve an enormously deep, yet powerful and undistorted deep bass reproduction, nothing was left to chance. The up to 2.5 cm thick enclosure walls with 5 cm thick front baffle were additionally and specifically stiffened inside to reduce cabinet resonances to an absolute minimum. Thanks to the closed housing construction – a Velodyne Acoustics specialty – port flow noise through bass reflex openings is completely avoided.

The detailed design effort for the cabinet was also necessary to provide a suitable working environment for the new, extremely powerful PP High Excursion driver with a four-layer, vented voice coil. Powered by Velodyne Acoustics proven Class AB amplifier technology with up to 1,000 watts peak performance (DB-15), the DB Series subwoofers develop an impressive low-frequency foundation with maximum control and superior dynamics all out of a compact footprint.

All major connection options are available for integration into just about any home audio system. Thanks to the integrated variable crossover and connections for line level and speaker level plus LFE input for processors, no wishes remain unfulfilled. The infinitely variable phase adjustment ensures precise timing and fine tuning to the main speakers.

Key Features

MDP Amplifier

Maximum Dynamic Power class AB amplifier with up to 1,000 watts peak dynamic headroom (DB15)

Massive Magnet

Massive dual ferrite magnet motor structure for maximum output power

Sealed Cabinet Design

Distortion limiting sealed cabinet designs for unbeatable accuracy

Compact Form Factor

Barely taller or wider than the woofer and shallow to boot, the placement options are endless

Four Layer Voice Coil

Ranging between 52-75mm with high excursion woofer for maximum performance

Convenient Connectivity

Line, Speaker and LFE inputs with LFE pass through for a second sub make setup a snack

Available Models

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