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Digital Drive 18 Plus

Digital Drive 18 Plus


18” Sealed Cabinet Subwoofer


Frequency Response

8.8 - 300 Hz (overall)
14.4 - 120 Hz (± 3dB)

Color: Black Gloss Ebony
  • Specifications

    Driver:  18" Forward Firing
    Amplifier: Class D
    3,000 Watts Dynamic
    1,250 Watts RMS
    Frequency Response Overall: 8.8 - 300Hz
    Frequency Response ± 3 dB: 14.4 - 120Hz
    Total Harmonic Distortion: < 0.5 % (typical)
    High Pass Crossover: 80 or 100Hz at 6dB/octave
    Low Pass Crossover: 40Hz to 199Hz (variable in 1Hz increments) selectable slope
    Default: 80Hz @ 24dB/Octave

    0 to 180 degrees

    (variable in 15 degree increments)

    Polarity: Adjustable (+/-)
    Magnet Structure: 18kg
    Voice Coil: Six-layer, 75 mm
    Cone: Fiberglass Rohacell Laminate
    Input (LFE - Mono):

    Line level (RCA), Nominal Impedance 47K,

    Balanced (XLR), Nominal Impedance 10K

    Input (L & R): Line level (RCA & XLR)
    Input Microphone: Balanced (Mini-XLR, cable included)
    Input (Speaker Level L & R): Bare wire, banana plugs, or spade lugs
    Output Thru (L & R): Line level (RCA & XLR)
    Output (L & R), High-Pass (L & R): Line level (RCA & XLR)
    Included Accessories: Full feature remote control, DD+ accessory kit and video cable
    Finish: Black gloss ebony

    Dimensions (H x W x D):

    Including Feet & Connectors

    58 x 53 x 65 cm
    Shipping Weight (Approx): 65kg


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